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B-Aron Conseil is dedicated to providing executive search services to international companies. Our clients mainly come from sectors that are at the forefront, constantly facing significant challenges Amongst the sectors are manufacturing industry, mining, energy, transport, logistics, health, as well as finances.



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Our consultants


In their work, the consultants of B-Aron Conseil maintain, above all, a professional, respectful and impartial view and strictly adhere to a code of ethics which promotes good practices, confidenciality, compliance with commitments to the client and the respect of the candidates.



A relationship of trust with our clients


We establish a long-term relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and confidentiality. We accompany them in performing search processes which consume a company's valuable time and its ressources. For this purpose, we offer our experience in head hunting both locally and internationally.

Executive Search


The mission of B-Aron Conseil is to seek and discover the talent required by companies, thus collaborating with their strategic objectives and management.


Through the application of our own methodology, developed through years of experience, we seek, select and evaluate those candidates who best fit a specific position by meeting the particular requirements of our clients and considering the organizational culture, and the area in which the company operates.


At the end of a process, we are committed to give an expert opinion, presenting executives with outstanding professional and leadership skills, capable of directing and/or strengthening managerial plans and providing real improvements in business development, as well as promoting a pleasent work environment. The processes we perform are guaranteed and also can be tracked in each of its stages.




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